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Top Private Investigator in Margate

Al'S Pi Services is a private investigation company located in Margate. Our team consists of a network of very skilled and highly talented individuals – some with ample experience in law enforcement – that offer private investigation services in the local area and beyond. We provide a wide range of professional services to our customers ranging from corporations and insurance companies to private individuals, small businesses and attorneys. Rest assured, we offer only high quality and confidential investigations, so get in touch on 07884554177 if you require our services.

Personalised Investigative Services

If you need your very own Magnum P.I to investigate something personal to you, we can help. We treat all of your communications with complete discretion and empathy. You can rest assured that we’ve never been detected while carrying out our investigations. Our services will give you back control over your life, as well as putting your insecurities to rest.

Our Investigative Services

Al'S Pi Services is a complete service-confidential investigation firm, with a wide variety of service to benefit our customers. We provide private investigation services such as criminal background checks, unsolved crime, financial investigation, identity theft and surveillance. Some of our corporate investigation services related to employee background checks, interview with interrogation and fraud investigation. We also posses the tools to search and find lost friends or family you would love to locate and contact. No matter your specific circumstances, we can deliver what you need.

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